[LMB] Argh and squeek scenes

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 01:19:01 BST 2012

> From: "Meg Justus" mmegaera at nwlink.com
> Natali:
> > I think that it is not that hard to be around Cordelia, as long as one
> > is honest and trying to do their best. She is not a pushy parent, she does
> > not criticize or nag, she likes to analyse which can be very helpful if 
> > one
> > is trying to find a solution to a personal problem. Not that pleasant if
> > not asked for though :) but it can still do good.
> > I myself would find it much harder to be around Lady Alys.
> I've always thought it telling that Miles repeatedly wants to run away when 
> he knows he's going to see his mother, apparently because he wants to duck 
> the incoming barrage of maternal psychoanalysis.
> I would find that sort of thing very hard to live with, too.

Miles usually tries to avoid Cordelia when he's feeling guilty about something.
Which, admittedly, is quite often. But he never doubts her love and support.

He sees Alys as the opposite parenting style to Cordelia - Alys is very full-on
and pushy, Cordelia stands back and gives him room to grow and make his 
own mistakes. Sometimes he thinks that determined not-hovering is more 
difficult, because he has to attempt to be worthy of it.

How would Ivan and Miles be different if Cordelia had parented Miles the way
Alys parented Ivan, and vice versa?


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