[LMB] Barrayan revenues

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 3 03:18:22 BST 2012

> From: Tony Zbaraschuk tonyz at eskimo.com
Snips> It's not clear what unterraformed lands are, nor whether or not
> South Continent is part of the District system or not.  I'm pretty
> sure that at some point someone is going to propose setting up
> new Districts in areas that have recently been terraformed
> (perhaps by dividing up Districts?)  Or are large chunks of
> District land un-terraformed and terraforming mostly an
> in-District procedure?

I don't know if Gregor would want to give away his personal
property (the South Continent and Sergyar), but it'd be interesting
to see him make not only more Vor, but more Counts. And 
if he did divide up the South Continent and make more Districts,
and so more Counts in the CoC, it'd change the balance of power
there for sure.

Sergyar could be set up in Districts following the Barrayar model
with its own Coc, etc. It'd bleed off some rich, keen lower Vor or
rich proles, and their wealth would be used to set up their districts
so it'd develop the place faster.

I'd love to see Gregor make more Vor. But I think some proles
wouldn't want it - there are different laws and rules for Vor, and 
not all of them make things easier. In the military it's tougher - 
Miles as Vor disobeying an order is committing treason. For the 
rest it's just dishonourable discharge, for him it could be a death
sentence (although Metzov being mad as a meataxe was a 
mitigating factor).

> Given the Counts' origin as tax-collectors, my guess is that large
> chunks of any taxation pass through their hands rather than be
> collected by the Emperor.  I'm also sure that there are exceptions
> and convoluted old customs in various places (the Count gets to
> tax _this_ but not _that_, _here_ but not _there_, at _this_ rate
> here and _that_ rate there, all of which works differently on
> the second Tuesday of each month.)  

I so agree - I'm sure there's all kinds of odd quirks in the system 
that made sense once, long ago. And now they're tradition.

> I'm pretty sure Ezar tried hard to clear out and standardize as
> many of those old variations as he could, but he wasn't totally
> successful or the Barrayaran fiscal year wouldn't start on the
> Emperor's Birthday.

I wonder if Gregor and Laisa will time the birth of their first child
to be close to Gregor's birthday, so that it minimizes financial 
disruption. I could see Laisa thinking of that.


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