[LMB] Was Cordelia right? [Was:Argh and squeek scenes]

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 22:19:39 BST 2012

> Don't get me wrong -- I like Mark and have a lot of sympathy for him.  He's a brave, heroic character.  I think he'll go far.  He has many sterling qualities.  But marry my daughter?   Only after I had certified statements from 10 leading psychiatrists, all of different schools, that he was completely sane!
> Mitch Miller

Hehe. While I understand the fatherly sentiment, my experience at
least within my pack of female friends of eligible age tells me that
these days parents have almost zero control over who their child
marries. ;)

Granted, I tend to have independent, headstrong female friends, but
all evidence points to the Koudelka girls being similarly
strong-willed. Unless they want to lose their daughters, I think all
Kou and Drou can really do at this point is hang on for the ride.

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