[LMB] Was Cordelia right? [Was:Argh and squeek scenes]

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 00:49:09 BST 2012

>> How does that quote go (sorry Gwynne, I tried real hard but could
>> not find the correct one, please forgive me), about what a father
>> does, when his darling daughter raises her delicate finger and
>> points out: "That one I want"?
>> Natali
> I was trying to think of it! Something about... when a girl points at
> a young man and says 'Da, I want THAT one' a sensible father says
> 'yes dear' and sends the Baba. But I can't remember who says it, or
> where!

It's in Barrayar, when Cordelia is playing Baba for Kou and Drou.  Kou
thinks Drou's family will take one look at him and laugh.  Cordelia
explains to him just that.

Karen Hunt

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