[LMB] Was Cordelia right? [Was:Argh and squeek scenes]

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Wed Apr 4 01:58:21 BST 2012

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Mitch wrote:
> You can also bet that as soon as he got the chance, Kou had Mark's Impsec
> file pulled, at which point he went into orbit.   Let me put it in
> contemporary terms (parental responses omitted):
> "Hi, Mom, hi, Dad!  Meet my new boyfriend,  Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez."
> "Oh, sure, SOME people call him Carlos the Jackal, but he's always been
> sweet to me!"
> "Oh, that thing with DeGaulle?  WHATever!"
> Mitch Miller

You're ... comparing Mark to The Jackal?  Really?  Let's see.  Mark has
killed exactly two people, outside of combat situations.  One was
terrorist Ser Galen, who created him and tortured him physically and
psychologically for years in the name of toppling Barrayar.  The other was
Baron Ryoval, who was vile beyond belief and had been torturing Mark for a
long time.  Then there is his hijacking of Bel's ship to attack Jackson's
Whole in order to rescue children from certain death.  Mark has killed
people for two reasons: self-defense, and defense of others.

Then there's the Jackal.  Who became a terrorist of his own accord and by
his own choice, and was quite successful at murdering quite a lot of
people who had never done anything to deserve it.

They are pretty much exact opposites.  I can see a legitimate reason for a
parent not to like Mark as a choice for his/her child.  But the comparison
you make is completely wrong, insulting and demeaning to Mark and far too
much of a complement to the Jackal.

Beatrice Otter


Would you be happier if I said Jason Bourne?

Mitch Miller

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