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Fri Apr 6 00:21:14 BST 2012

> From: Eric Oppen technomad at intergate.com
> Quoting Pat Mathews <mathews55 at msn.com>:
> > An empire is a device very much like a pump, set up to transfer   
> > wealth from one region or realm to the next.
> >
> > A smart empire has at the very least read the parable of the Goose   
> > that Laid the Golden Eggs and is aware that you get the most out of   
> > the sheep by feeding them well, tending them, and shearing them when  
> >  the wool gets too thick.
> That's part of my problem with the world in _The Hunger Games_.  As  
> far as I can tell, it's all stick, no carrot for the Districts.
> But then, the worldbuilding in that series in general is not great.

Much as it kills me to defend HG, I think that the all-stick/no-carrot bit
is the point, really - a smarter government would have managed the 
Districts slightly more generously, so that they didn't tip over into armed

But also, there's textev (which I have NO intention of reading the books 
again to find) that the richer Districts do get plenty of carrots, the top
few Districts have far better conditions, their tributes are better nourished
and way better trained.  It's the ones at the lower end that are doing it
really tough - and since District 12 is based on a dirt-poor coal-mining 
region in r/l, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch from reality.

Possibly there's massive corruption in District administration, and various
levels of desk jockeys are skimming off resources. Or possibly it's 
intended by the Powers That Be, who are doing it as punishment for the
last uprising, thinking that if you keep them poor enough, they simply 
won't have the energy to rebel again. Or maybe they just don't care, 
and are so greedy and self-indulgent that life in the Districts is of no
interest to them. When compared to r/l situations, it doesn't seem 
all that unlikely.

The bigger problem is that we're going to see a whole slew of imitators.
As soon as Harry Potter was a success we were inundated with books, 
movies and TV shows about witches and magic. Twilight inflicted masses
 of vampires on us in assorted media. Get ready for the flood of HG
imitations. Oh, what fun.


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