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> >> well, I was more going for the lack of (in formal terms) responsible
> >> government. Or, at bare minimum, consensual government.
> >
> > Komarrans live by Komarran law, run all their own institutions their own
> > ?way,
> nope, the Barrayaran civil service has been imposed on them, creating
> a Barrayaran monopoly in the higher ranks and denying Komarrans the
> opportunity to run their own affairs (thus: Tien - this also implies
> the existing civil service was purged). ImpSec reserves the right to
> swoop in as it wants. Ideological tests are required for many types of
> employment. The Barrayaran ground-level interference on Komarr is not
> subtle.

But the dome's chief engineer is Komarran. So obviously some Komarrans
are at top level. 

> It's the system the population views as legitimate (the only criticism
> of oligarchs we see from natives is towards collaborators), and seems
> to have succeeded in its stated purpose of developing and terraforming
> Komarr. Komarr wasn't -always- rich, as Laisa mentioned... and given
> the relative price of labor Ekaterin mentions, the ordinary worker
> comes out ahead too.

We have criticism of the oligarchs by Duv Galeni, one of the most reliable
sources in the text. He says the Komarrans weren't truly free before 

And there's comments about ordinary Komarrans getting the crumbs after
the oligarch families take all the important business opportunities.

> >> The ultimate issue, again, is that Barrayaran rule is involuntary,
> >> illegitimate,
> >
> > By Nexus standards it's apparently not illegitimate. For centuries
> > Cetaganda has been expanding by invasion. We've heard that
> > most people don't like that much, but never that it's against some
> > agreement, law or convention.
> Political legitimacy doesn't come from the neighbors. It comes from
> popular acceptance and identification with the government.

Government? You mean the oligarchs? We have textev that the top 
families have settled down happily and profitably. They have the most
votes, so the majority of votes agree with Barrayaran rule.

Not, possibly, the majority of people, but that's how the Komarran 
system worked before conquest as well, so that's apparently ok.

And in the context of the discussion, legitimacy of rule was being
discussed on a Nexus-wide level at times, so I assumed that the
comment meant legitimate by Nexus standards.

As I said before, it's obviously legitimate by Komarran standards
anyway, since the Komarrans were quite enthusiastic about 
Barrayar being invaded, so obviously they accept invasion as 
acceptable. They could hardly object to something they were prepared
to do to someone else. 

Just as a matter of interest, what do you think Barrayar should have
done after the failed Cetagandan invasion? They had a single way
to access the rest of the Nexus, and a neighbour at that access point
 who was actively hostile. What were their other alternatives?


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