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Spaceships aren't urban domains unless they're large enough to be 
self-sustaining cities....  "Urban" means being a densely populated city 
with all the services and amenities involved with/provided in cities.
A station might be, if there is the dense, large population.

Also, spacecraft, space stations, and planetary cities involve some very 
different characteristics.  A bullet puncturing the pressurization and 
causing the atmosphere to depressurize, is not  problem on planetary 
surfaces generally.   Getting stuck rotating around unable to move in and 
direction except rotational motion, is not a problem on a planetary surface. 
Needing fans running constantly to avoid overheating because of the lack of 
a strong gravity field for heat diffusion is not a problem on a temperate 

On the other hand, on a planet there is a lot more opportunity for someone 
to hide/leave... on  ship, the person can't simply disappear.   Smuggling 
things onto or off of a spacecraft or station is harder, only incoming or 
outgoing vehicles can be a source of smuggled goods, and parts for making 
illicit goods which require parts not on the craft....

"Stealth" on space vehicles is a lame concept which fails to recognize 
electromagnetic spectrum sensing realities... I don;t want to go into the 
details of just why at the present (Note, I actually have professional 
credentials for space combat writing, people with the right access can look 
it up...)

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Howard asked:
> What would be covered in a Barrayaran Tactical Engineering course?
> Even if the answers to the test keep changing?

A short list as an example:

Combat in "urban" terrain (surface, space station, ship)
Zero g and low g (different answers)
Magnetic shoes
Velcro shoe pads
Other tools for motion
Friction pads for push-off
Adhesive pads for holding still
Normal and high g
Equipment for moving loads
Around corner viewing and shooting tools
Opponent & IED detection in metal walled environments
Environmental equipment
(vacuum, breath mask, cold or heat or chemical protection,

Ground non-urban combat
Water fording equipment
Underwater combat equipment
Rapid foxhole/bunker digging technique & equipment
Undetectable foxhole/bunker digging technique & equipment
Weapons shield construction
Against ground combatants
Against aerial or space detectors
Environmental equipment
(vacuum, breath mask, cold or heat or chemical protection,

Space combat
Detection systems
Stealth systems
Decoy systems
"Hide" construction
Weapons engineering

And on and on . . .


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