[LMB] OT: Slavery, was Barrayaran revenues

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Wed Apr 11 17:51:16 BST 2012

Untrammelled free market economics time-- when slaves are inexpensive and 
plentiful--as when Africa was being wholesaled depopulated  working a slave 
to death, provided the income from the slave's work was much higher than the 
cost of buying a slave and training  a slave, was economically viable.  When 
slaves were more expensive to obtain nd train, working non-chattel people to 
death--whose deaths did not terminate the investment--was more profitable...

consider "moral"!!!
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At 02:43 AM 4/11/2012, Gwynne Powell wrote:

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>> > Damien X wrote:
>> >
>> > A more abstract difference is that classical slaves were seen as people
>> > down on their luck, who happened to be captive, vs. US slavery ending 
>> > up
>> > seeing blacks as subhumans to be bred like animals.
>> >
>> This is because, ironically enough, the Americans of that era *knew
>> better* i.e. they knew(or professed to know, pace Mr. Wilde) that 
>> enslaving
>> one's fellow men was wrong. The only way to get 'round it (and the
>> monetary/power incentive to so do was very great) was to convince 
>> oneself,
>> and one's society that the enslaved were not, in this particular case,
>> quite human. Hence the classic Methodist/abolitionist posters (not to
>> mention they hymn O Holy Night) "Am I not a man and a brother")
>And also, in some times and places a certain part of early US history 
>quietly - it was slightly embarrassing to discuss all those white, British
>convicts transported from the UK and used as slave labour doing tasks that
>African slaves were doing later. It's hard to justify slavery because 
>people with
>a different skin tone are manifestly inferior, when people with your own
>skin tone were used the same way.

An interesting look at slavery I once read was in heavy labor under 
conditions that caused sickness and death.  Slaves were valuable property, 
and it wasn't economic to use them thus.  So unemployed free people were 
hired at substandard wages and worked to death, instead.

I have no idea if this actually happened nor not.

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