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Ohhhhh!  Donna --> Dono as role model, instead of emigration, gender 

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> > I see her
> > marrying the grandson of The Staunch Opposition Vor (I forget his name -
> > the honorable one who could have rebelled against Aral during the 
> > Regency
> > but didn't).
> Count Vortala.
> I don't think any of his sons survived long enough to reproduce. There
> were probably daughters but... grandsons from a female line... don't seem
> like they would be such a tight connection in such a patriarchal society.
> A grandnephew (and heir) might be a better bet -- the admiral that got
> killed during the Escobar debacle probably had children.
> But I am having a hard time imagining a rebelling Vorkosigan daughter
> going the way of less power to women. Even less a daughter of Ekaterin.
> Agnes

A) The way I see it, a son of Vorhalas's daughter would inherit before a
son of Vorhalas's brother (assuming he had either).

B) I said nothing about less power to women - in fact, I specifically
included basic decencies like the vote being open to everyone, male,
female, Vor and prole.  I mean, what even would be the point of her
defection if she had no political weight to take with it?  Lady Alys is a
good example of what power can be had outside the "rules" but I agree that
no progeny of Cordelia or Ekaterin would be likely to be satisfied with
that route if there were a more direct one.

take care!

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