[LMB] Salic Descent (was The Worst Thing)

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Heather said:
> A) The way I see it, a son of Vorhalas's daughter would inherit before a
> son of Vorhalas's brother (assuming he had either).

and T Neill said:
> Salic law (agnatic succession) is a central reason why the Vorkosigans 
are *not* heirs to the Imperium.  Aral is adamant that Salic Law governs inheritance and
> therefore he is *not* in line for the throne.  That's clear in the textev.

Points to note:
1. Aral does not want the throne and will grab any excuse he can to keep himself off it.
2. Possession is nine-tenths of the law and Ezar both a) has the throne and b) wants to keep it.
3. Aral wants Ezar on the throne and therefore will not support any effort to unseat him, much less any notion that will swop his butt for Ezar's on that throne.
4. It is Aral who cites Salic Law and Ezar promptly tells him he knows it's an excuse and Ezar has let it slide because he respects Aral's wish to avoid the throne.

5. When Death turns up and says to Ezar, OKAY, TIME TO GO, the person other than Aral who can go on the throne is six years old and thus his "No, not me" is flat out going to be ignored when all the adults around him are also saying "No, not me".

Thus we see: Salic Law is not Barrayaran law, it's an excuse Aral pulled out of history, one so transparent it makes cling film look opaque.  Aral is basically saying, "I do not care if blood and law say I'm the next Emperor.  You are not getting my butt on that throne.  Yes, I will sacrifice an innocent kid if I have to.  I'M NOT DOING IT AND THAT'S FINAL."

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