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Sun Apr 15 03:14:51 BST 2012

beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com wrote:

> "Gwynne Powell" <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote
>> I think that his relationship to Galen, or at least to Rebecca Galen, will
>> count
>> in his favour - he's made no secret of the fact that his aunt is a Martyr,
>> and
>> that should swing some people onto his side, or at least keep them neutral
>> to wait and see how he goes in the job.
>> I think a lot of people will have the 'well, at least he's a Komarran'
>> response,
>> seeing it as a step in the direction they want.
> ... unless they see him as a Quisling ...
> I believe that Duv will do the best job possible.  The question is, good
> job by whose standards?  Barrayarans and Komarrans have mutually
> incompatible goals.  Duv wants to serve Komarr, yes, but to do so he has
> integrated into the Barrayaran system to such a degree that even his
> *name* is Barrayaran.  Duv's perspective on what is good for Komarr and
> what Komarr needs are not the same as a native Barrayaran ... but that
> doesn't mean they have anything to do with what the average
> Komarran-on-the-street thinks, or even what the oligarchs think.  And I'm
> terribly worried that in trying to do what's best for Komarr, and act as
> the go-between for Barrayar and Komarr, Duv may get ground to a paste
> between them.  Becoming the Imperial Counselor may actually be the "worst
> thing" that could be done to him.
> Given Barrayaran suspicion of him as a Komarran, and the likelihood of the
> Komarran's fixating on him as a Quisling, the ideal solution may be to
> give the Counselor role to some competent, obedient Vor and give him Duv
> as his aide, and tell him to basically do what Duv tells him to do.

The question of how the Komarrans will react to a Komarran Imperial
Counselor, be it Duv or anyone else, will depend on how successful the
Barrayaran integration policy really has been.  We clearly have a
disagreement as to this on the list.  IMHO, the fact that Duv is being
groomed for the post strongly indicates that Gregor and ImpSec consider
the situation to have progressed far enough in their preferred direction
that it is unlikely the average Komarran in the dome will object.

Gregor is willing to take political risks, but he takes calculated
risks.  He doesn't like surprises.  If he or ImpSec thought there would
be too much of a risk, I don't think Duv would be head of Komarran

Dan, ad nauseam

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