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> From: Peter Rhodan <octavianc30 at hotmail.com>
> Date: 16 April 2012 05:39

LE > Thus Ensign can be both an Army rank (its historical
> origin) and a Navy rank (as in the USN). The Royal Navy got on fine
> only Captain and Lieutenant below Admiral, Commander being invented in
> 1798, and Commodore being a appointment not a rank until about 1950.

PR > The Royal Navy had no rank of Commander during the Napoleonic period
and before - it was a courtesy title for Lieutenants who commanded and
vessel too small to rate a real 'Post' captain.
 Also the Royal Navy had Midshipmen, not just Lieutenants and Captains,
often quite a few on a large ship as opposed to Ensigns which in British
service  was an Army rank.

PR > Senior Midshipmen performed many of the duties of US Ensigns and
Lietentants JG

As I said, the RN in fact introduced the rank of Commander during the
long Revolutionary/ Napoleonic war period complete with dates of rank and
publication in the Navy List.

quoting _The Command of the Ocean_ N A M Rodger p 518 of 907
= The rank of commander {....} was established in 1794 from which date
direct promotion from lieutenant to post {captain} was no longer

And an ensign was a commissioned officer, a midshipman was a mere warrant
officer, an anomaly which eventually caused the commissioned rank of
sublieutenant to be introduced to replace the warrant rank of Master's
Mate which had become the usual stepping stone from midshipman to

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