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> On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 11:06:54AM +1000, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > If the Cetas are there to stay and have truly conquered, Duv and several
> > million others are likely to be dead already. And those who survived will
> > probably have severely limited options and life expectancies. 'Subject races'
> > and slaves don't tend to last all that long. 
> Alternately, the cruel elegance of Dagoola would yield a conquest as
> bloodless as Aral's, and Komarr's economy would be nurtured as part of
> the haut garden.  All we know of life in the Empire is that their tax
> rate is half of Barrayar's.  Limited life expectancy and dying servitor
> classes seems at odds with what little we hear.

Dagoola didn't sound too bloodless. 

We know that the Cetagandans have a class of workers/slaves under the 
Ghem. Fletchir Giaja was happy to expand the Haut into the territory of
the 'subject races' whenever it became necessary, partly just to give the
Haut something to do.  There wasn't a suggestion that the subject races
would have much of a choice.

There was also a mention of cloning of servitors (not the ba, 
they're works of art) in Cetaganda:

"Ivan was wondering if the haut-lords
cloned their servants."


ghem-lords sometimes do," said Maz, "but not the haut-lords,....They leave mass
production to the masses. I'm not sure if it's a virtue or a vice, the way the
haut do it, but in a world flooded with virtual realities and infinite
duplication, it's strangely refreshing..."

The tax rates affect the Ghem. We don't know what happens to the lower classes.
And since Cetaganda's deal with Komarr included a slice of the profits from the
invasion of Barrayar, there must be highly profitable exploitation of 
conquered worlds.

None of it sounds all that reassuring.


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