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> >> If the Cetas are there to stay and have truly conquered, Duv and several
> >> million others are likely to be dead already. And those who survived will
> >> probably have severely limited options and life expectancies. 'Subject races'
> >> and slaves don't tend to last all that long.
> >
> > Alternately, the cruel elegance of Dagoola would yield a conquest as
> > bloodless as Aral's, and Komarr's economy would be nurtured as part of
> > the haut garden. ?All we know of life in the Empire is that their tax
> > rate is half of Barrayar's. ?Limited life expectancy and dying servitor
> > classes seems at odds with what little we hear.
> There's a whole lot of potential common ground between Cetaganda and
> Komarr. 

You're so right. Both regimes have no problem invading totally innocent
neighbouring worlds, even those with whom they have treaties. They see
other worlds as having no rights, and being fair targets for exploitation in 
any way possible. I'm glad you see the parallels.

The most sensible Cetagandan approach would actually be to
> give the Komarrans independence. 

If we're being in any way realistic - obviously not. Sooner or later
Cetaganda would decide that splitting the profits isn't nearly as 
lucrative as just taking Komarr and the wormholes.

It would secure Rho Ceta's exit more
> effectively than any pointless oppression, 

Their oppression isn't pointless, it gives them territory and a very nice
income. That's one of the reasons they invade things. If you study history
you'll find out about that kind of thing.

give them an enormous PR
> coup,

There's no textev at all that Cetaganda cares about PR. Fletchir
Giaja's attitude seems to show that the Haut have absolutely zero
interest in the thoughts of anyone who isn't Haut.

 stop the Barrayarans from messing with their trade, and collapse
> the current anti-Ceta alliance.
> Frankly, the Cetagandans aren't a very effective boogieman for the
> Barrayarans to exploit on Komarr because the Cetas have historically
> treated the Komarrans much better than the Barrayarans have! (Which is
> Komarr's worst neighbor? The one whose wormhole they'd like to
> close...)

They sure did treat them better - they gave them a lovely big cut of the
profits from the invasion. AND lucrative trade routes. Um... does this
sound a bit like their deals with Marilac? But they invaded Marilac,
I'm sure they wouldn't do that to Komarr.... right?

I don't think anyone in the Nexus is  politically naive enough to think
that the Cetagandans are comfortable, or safe, neighbours. 

I know it's just a fictional world, but if we're going to discuss it
seriously we should try to apply some level of realism to the
politics and behaviours.



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