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> From: "A. Marina Fournier" <saffronrose at me.com>
> On 18 Apr 2012, at 03:41, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > Saying 'I was behind a driver wearing a hat' is instantly understood 
> > as being stuck behind a slow and rather irritating car.
> "I was behind a hat" is how our family says it. However, you see younger men wearing cowboy hats or base-ball-style caps, and there is no telling whether they'll be driving out of the norm. Now, young men in small pickups or SUVs atop MONSTER tires/tyres, those you watch out for. Many people see the jacked-up nature of the vehicle to indicate a feeling of inadequacy, the particular kind, I leave as an exercise to the reader. Guys, hatted or not, in 1/2 ton and larger pickups, especially beatup ones, should be followed with caution, because they can do stupid things, such as changing lanes unsafely and swiftly.
> The younger drivers mentioned above are generally male and under 25. Their insurance is VERY high until they reach 26.

We have 'P Platers'. After you pass your driving test you get
 a provisional licence, and a red 'P' plate on your car. Later 
you progress to green P's, then your black licence. 

There are some speed and other restrictions on P platers at
each level to ensure safety and care on the roads.

Most P platers drive like idiots. Speed restrictions are something
that happens to other people. I was once overtaken by a P plater, 
on a blind corner, over double lines, speeding like a maniac
 (i.e. going faster than me) - the trifecta.

Of course, sometimes you get the other kind of P plater, they're 
so careful you just want to throttle them gently as you explain
what the accelerator is for.

It's really fortunate that I'm such a nice, calm person, really.


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