[LMB] Borders of Infinity

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sat Apr 21 18:55:35 BST 2012

> Ask Paula - the military has ways of expressing their personal displeasure 
> even at officers. Kyril Island does exist ... it is called Thule. And Guam 
> ... [Rob's Dad did a stint at Guam. ] Apparently Diego Garcia is also 
> considered somewhat of a hole.

Obviously I'm not Paula, but I have a very good friend who has wonderful 
memories of spending several years on Guam as a child in the early 50s --  
the beach was minutes away, it was considered a very safe place so she rode 
her bike everywhere without any sort of supervision, the weather was always 
of the shorts and t-shirt variety (except for getting brushed by a typhoon 
once), etc., etc., etc.

So Guam's desirablity or lack thereof definitely depends on your point of 
view.  I suspect I'd have hated it even as a kid, but I have the kind of 
claustrophobia that would make it very difficult to live in, say, Ketchikan, 
Alaska (which is only accessible by water and air, so not leavable on a 
whim), too.  When I visited there a few years ago, I asked a woman in a shop 
how she liked living there, and she said, and I quote, "Oh, it's fine as 
long as you can get off the rock once in a while." <shudder>.


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