Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 22 02:39:22 BST 2012

Margaret Devere wrote
> I recognize this one, I think. You have one of the more recent, more
> sophisticated viruses. Quit hitting OK, quit trying to do anything, and
> take
> it to a PC specialist immediately. Or wait until your husband gets home.
> But
> don't use your PC.
> I had something almost identical, and my person had to rebuild my PC for
> me.

Thanks Margaret - I'll plan to get it checked out on Monday and in the
meantime run a scan.  Doesn't sound quite right though - there is no prompt
to hit OK - just to Install or to Cancel and I'm hitting cancel every time.
Also, it was fine when I switched it off before my trip and it was shut down
and unplugged the whole time I was away and then did this first time I fired
it up when I returned.  Not impossible for a virus to have hit it at exactly
that time, but odd, all the same.  Darn it - these things always happen when
my DH is away on business.  I'm not a total clot with computers but Mark's
way better so I just let him get on with it.


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