Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 22 06:25:55 BST 2012

Ed Burkhead wrote
> Carol wrote:
> > there is no prompt to hit OK - just to Install or to
> > Cancel and I'm hitting cancel every time.
> And, is there some reason the programmer couldn't set it so that, when you
> hit <Cancel>, the virus activates?

No indeed - I was just indicating it didn't seem to be quite the same as the
one Margaret was describing.
> It could be as simple as an automatic update having an undesirable
> outcome.
> I had that happen four years ago and ended up doing a wipe and clean
> reload
> from the original program disks.  Fortunately, I also had good backups via
> Norton Ghost so none of my data or valuables were lost.
> Caution is indicated.  But see if any other experts chime in.

Well, that would be a better outcome.  I did do a backup last thing before
shutting down before my trip - I have an external backup drive - so my data
should be safe.  However my CD drive doesn't work, so reinstalling will
definitely have to wait until Mark gets back with our external CD drive.

All input gratefully considered - thanks.

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