[LMB] OT: cloak was: question for the author

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Sun Apr 22 14:42:42 BST 2012

I doubt it—the Tarnkap is an –old- especially Northern European mythological trope...

“Mac” probably is short for is it Mackintosh, which without looking it up (or the spelling) I recall as being a long outer garment worn especially by people such as fisherman and other people who worked on boats, treated to make it waterproof ...

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The Star Trek type Cloaking device may be related to "Cloak and Dagger".   I think of cloaking as more of a cover-up than something I wear.

Except for the Beatles, I have never heard someone wearing a "Mac".     But being a person without any long coat nor raincoat may be weather related.

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