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> Ask Paula - the military has ways of expressing their personal displeasure
> even at officers. Kyril Island does exist ... it is called Thule. And Guam
> ... [Rob's Dad did a stint at Guam. ] Apparently Diego Garcia is also
> considered somewhat of a hole.

I had two friends in high school who became SubMariners in 1982.  Both
developed political disagreements with the Navy. One (later, my now-ex
fiance), after an incident of attempted suicide by high-speed
motorcycle crash, tried for Conscientious Objector status and was
denied (he knew too many top top secret secrets); he got shuffled
around from job to job for about 2 years until what he knew was no
longer current, and got a psychiatric discharge plus a whole lot of
grief from the Navy.  He went on to have a successful career as a
sysadmin, working mostly for the feds, but is now on full disability
for medical+psychiatric reasons.  We are still friendly, mostly via

The other made rather more overt political gestures (subscribing to
"Red" publications) and was stuck on Diego Garcia until his time in
the Navy ended.  Not exactly imprisoned, but he couldn't leave, and
all his mail was checked. I think he was there for about 18 months.


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