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Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Tue Apr 24 02:40:32 BST 2012

[LMB] e-Cetaganda is up!
Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Tue Apr 24 01:18:41 BST 2012

Ed:  Here are marketing thoughts you might consider . . .

Brick and mortar bookstores seem loathe to put books into more than one
place in the store.  This is not something that should be a limitation in
e-book stores.

For example, The Spirit Ring and The Warrior's Apprentice are books that
*should* be placed in both the main SF/F area AND in the Young Adult area.
They are equivalent to PG rating and feature 16-17 year olds.

If you re-released them to paper book stores, they would grab you new
readers who would be attracted to those titles on the shelves.  (I'd help if
you could get appropriate cover art, of course, rather than the usual.)

LMB:  Tried that.  The YA publisher was not interested in a singleton 
reprint unless I undertook to follow it up with half-a-dozen front-list 
titles for them.

Remember, publishers don't want books.  They want _authors_.  Fast 
typists preferred.  Someone who will pay back the initial investment 
over no more than three volumes.

I can't help thinking that older writers trying to enter the game have 
some age-strikes against them.   Consider what's-her-name Brown, whom 
Baen brought along for about three books, and just when she was getting 
momentum, she died...

Ed:  But, if you did that, paper book stores would no longer stock those 
books in
the regular SF section.

LMB:  That, too.

If there are any ways to multi-list some of your books, it'd be worth trying

LMB:  I've not seen any.  Except reader reviews out on the Net.

Ed:  Additionally, I still think that having a link in each book's 
online blurb
to the series order list would help readers move through the series.  I've
had a few friends/acquaintances curse me, humorously, for giving/loaning
them the first book in the series of your work - - - thus causing them to
buy the entire rest of the series in short order.  Making it easy to go
right to the next in the series is always worthwhile.

LMB:  [Insert muffled cry of anguish here.]   I've _done_ that.  I 
posted it here to the list -- twice.  I posted it on Baen's Bar.  I 
posted it on Goodreads.  I posted it to my blog -- twice. I've stuck it 
up on half my titles on Amazon -- I'm afraid if I put up more 
duplicates, people will start complaining.  I've appended it to the back 
of every direct-placement e-book I've put up.

I have never, in all my net travels, ever seen anyone link to it, sigh.





I have no idea what further antler dance would serve to bring attention 
to it.

Ed:  Maybe you could write a series list document with a descriptive 
blurb about
each book.  Then persuade the e-bookstores to always list it first at a
price point of free.  (And, perhaps able to be opened right there on the
spot, as well.)

Maybe you could drop the price of SoH (or CH) and WA to $3.00 online as an
enticement for people to try your work.  Say right in the description blurb
why they're priced that way.

LMB:  A bit early for that.  HarperCollins is trying that with 
_Beguilement_ even as we speak, however.  (And did it last month with 
_The Curse of Chalion_.)  The sales burst was discernible but short-lived.

Ed:  When I'm considering trying a new author, the price of the sample
first-in-the-series book is important.  I just paid for 17 of John Ringo's
books plus getting three of those ALSO in audio --- because I liked the
first in the series, tested from the Baen Free Library.

LMB:  I have two items in the BFL, one novel and one award-winning 
novella.  I've had them up for ages.


Ed:  These things could help us in our minor amusement of getting our 
friends to
read the books we like, thus to have more to talk about with them. <grin>

LMB:  However, if you would please me, please refrain from linking to 
that so-called "authorized" pirate site.

Mulling, L.  (And thanks for your thoughts, even if I seem a little 
twitchy about some points.)

(...six more months of promotions coming.  Must... keep... positive... 

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