[LMB] OT: spurious touch pad clicks and stuff - how to minimize

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Tue Apr 24 21:17:31 BST 2012

Tom wrote:
> Unless I really arch my wrists when I use the keyboard 
> there is often enough static electricity from my arm to 
> move the cursor around when I'm trying to type.  


Not arguing - I fully understand those people who don't like touch-pads.
But I used to do manufacturer's tech support for a laptop manufacturer and I
occasionally got calls with complaints like yours.  Thus, I put some effort
into finding a way to avoid this problem.

I found that I, as a fast touch typist could also encounter this.  It mostly
came from my right thumb drooping near the touch-pad as it was hanging ready
to hit the space bar.  The root of my thumb, maybe just the hairs on the
root of my thumb for all I know, was enough to make the mouse touch-pad
respond and move the mouse or make a mouse-click.

These are the two things that can mitigate and "solve" that problem:

1.  Learn to touch-type with your right hand rotated just a bit, thumb side
up, little fingers still down on the home row.  This gets your thumb just a
bit farther from the touch-pad - enough to solve the problem.  But you have
to teach yourself to do this consistently, by habit.  If you can learn
habits like this, this is a full cure.

2.  Most laptop computers let you tap on the touch pad surface to get mouse
clicks and this is where many people have problems.  Some laptops have the
option to turn off that pad-surface click.  Look in your mouse controls.
With the pad-surface click turned off, you have to tap on the physical mouse
buttons to get a click, but it might solve your problem.

3.  Disable your touch-pad entirely.  On many laptops, this needs to be done
in the BIOS. (Hit F2 or Del repeatedly in the very first part of the
boot-up, about once a second usually does it.  Most computers will show on
the screen which key to hit for this.  Once you are in the BIOS, hunt around
for the option to disable the mouse-pad.  Electronic Klutzes should get a
skilled friend to do this for them.)


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