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> I can't think, with Aral's allergic reaction to being in the line of succession and his violent rejection thereof, that Miles in TWA has diplomatic immunity based on that.  Aral would have had to acknowledge the sucession to get Miles that kind of immunity and I can't see Aral acknowledging it for any reason whatsoever short of a civil war brewing from Gregor's actual death before producing an heir.
> He might have it based on being the son of the Prime Minister of a planet.  Prime Minister is a political position worthy of Diplomatic Immunity and being the son of a Prime Minister could very well confer limited immunity.
> Later, in ACC, Mark might have immunity based on being the son of the Viceroy of a planet, which is also a political position worthy of Diplomatic Immunity*.
> Or they both may have it based on being the sons of a Count of Barrayar.  Though I can't see the rest of the nexus giving Diplomatic Immunity to the political equivalent of the sons of territorial governors.  Of course this is a very different culture that might not have the same diplomatic rules as our culture.

But in Cetaganda, Ivan and Miles represent the Emperor at the 
Empress's funeral - and this is a very high-level diplomatic event.

They're not attending as two unimportant lieutenants, they're there
as Gregor's relatives. Effectively, they are two princes of the realm.
They're Gregor's heirs. Aral is older than Gregor, so realistically, if
Gregor doesn't breed, one of those two young men will be the next 
Emperor of Barrayar. (And they are treated as something special by
the Embassy, they get away with things two ordinary young lieutenants 
would never be allowed to do.)

Given Aral's assorted political posts, and the line of succession, it's
realistic to see Miles with diplomatic immunity. And later Mark falls
under the same classification. Even though Aral doesn't want the 
camp-stool, and would chew his own leg off to escape it, the line of
succession is still there. And it's useful, because anyone else who 
wants to make a claim has to go through Aral first. End of problem.

And Aral will make use of whatever he needs, when the situation
 demands it. He uses his 'Butcher' status if he has to - he earned it.
So he'll use the line of succession when it suits him. While never
intending to really step up.

> *  I *just this minute* got the Immunity pun for the book Diplomatic Immunity.  >>headdesk<<            

Ohhh yes - those moments. You wonder what else you've missed, 
and go through everything again to check it!


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