[LMB] semi OT: Norway's restorative justice

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Moses got advice from his non-Jewish fathers-in-law.  Jonah's associates on 
the ship were moral people.  Etc.

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> Why do you feel this way about Norway?  I'm a bit bemused.

I do not feel anything bad about Norway, per se. I am sure if I visited I
would have a wonderful time, and I am sure that most Norwegians are nice
people. I just believe that Norway, like most post Christian societies, have
lost something important along with the religion. They have lost an absolute
moral foundation.

I cannot remember who said it, and my Google Fu is failing me, but someone
once said something like, "The West is coasting on the moral acceleration
built up by Judeo-Christianity". Everyone thinks they know what is moral and
right, but these were not universal ideas until they were revealed by
Judaism and spread by Christianity. With the death of Christianity in the
West, these ideas will not go away immediately, but we have already started
to see some of them mutate, if not fade. 

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