[LMB] The Worlds of Lois

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Sun Dec 16 04:27:39 GMT 2012

Francis Turner wrote:
> My problem with Beta is that they seem to be
> insufferably SMUG and convinced that they are the best society 
> in the Nexus

I'm happy to agree with this!  There's a discrepancy between how good the Betans think they are and what I see.  This... is mildly irritating.  Disconcerting, sometimes.  It is probably (as much as anything) the reason I don't much like the scenes in the books which are set on Beta Colony, with the exception of Cordelia's escape and the events leading up to it.


> By their values, they are the best.

Exactly, and aren't they aware of it!
> Being the best implies being an outlier.

How so?  

[snipping the assessment by Francis, with which I mostly agree, and getting back to Damien]

> That's more your projection than actual textev.

It's a valid interpretation of what we read.  It's in the text; whether it's what we infer depends on what we make of the text.
> There isn't actually any textev suggesting people commonly
> get committed for their own good like that.  

There is some, though.   Certain characters in the story seem to believe it happens.

> They get committed for being a threat.

They don't get committed.  They get therapy.

> Arde was a major threat.  

To himself.

> Cordelia, let us not forget, had thrown a
> medal at the President's head and kicked him in the
> crotch.  

I'd have no problem if she were arrested and tried, or arrested, tried and jailed for kicking the President. (Actually, I think that scene is hilarious.)

> And even there, co-operating with Mehta and being medically cleared
> was a condition for keeping her job and command.

Yup. I'd've been outa there soooo fast!


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