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Wed Dec 19 06:20:20 GMT 2012

> I would like to beg an opinion from one of you tech-savvy folks.  My
> laptop
> is slowly dying and my DH wants to get me a new one for Christmas.  Most
> of
> the new ones at BestBuy seem to come with Windows 8.  I've just been
> taking
> a look at some reviews and I'm not at all sure I want to have to tackle
> the
> learning curve.  It looks to me like it's designed more for social use
> than
> for business use, and it sounds as if it's going to irritate the heck out
> of
> me.  I envisage myself spending months trying to work out how to do the
> stuff I do easily at present with Vista, and I use my computer in probably
> a
> 3:1 split between work and leisure - I use Excel and Word a lot and often
> have several applications open at once and be jumping from one to the
> other,
> and the reviews make it sound as if that is far less straightforward than
> on
> conventional Windowsl  I'm not a cutting-edge type of person - I'm still
> using Office 2003 because I'm used to it and it does everything I need it
> to
> do so why the heck should I change?
> I tend to get a bit set in my ways, and I'm dreading having to tackle
> this.
> My choices would seem to be a) to nurse my old computer along as long as
> it
> will keep going b)to bite the bullet and tackle the learning curve with
> Windows 8 or c) to act swiftly and find a computer that still comes with
> Windows 7 while I still can.  I tend towards option c).  Does anyone have
> an
> opinion or any advice on this?  Am I being too much of a Luddite here?
> Anyone using Windows 8 and liking it.  And no, I don't want to switch to a
> Mac for a whole plethora of reasons.

Windows 8 works like a smartphone or tablet, but the thing is a laptop
screen is larger, so that what is more efficient on a tablet is *less*
efficient on a laptop or regular computer.  For example: the Start menu is
now a separate screen, and some programs will *only* work from the Start
screen--if there's a way to put them on your desktop, I haven't found it
yet.  And anything that you click on from the start screen?  Can't be
minimized or shrunk.  It *only* works in full screen mode.  Which makes
switching between programs a real pain in the ass, let me tell you.  Also,
some programs seem to expect that you would have a touch screen, so that
certain keyboard shortcuts don't work any more, you have to click where
you would touch the screen.

I've seen sites that say you can make Windows 8 work more like Windows 7
in a few ways, but haven't tried any of the tweaks yet.

If I had a tablet or a smartphone with Windows 8, it would be an awesome
OS.  For a laptop ... not so much.

Beatrice Otter

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