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Wed Feb 1 01:11:30 GMT 2012

> From: technomad at intergate.com

> As for the servant girls, I know of no textual evidence that says that 

> he ever used anything like force. 

An arrogant proprietary attitude towards women that teeters on the brink of
coercion does not equal force. 

> Keep in mind, that as a High Vor 

> and close relation of _the Emperor,_ (close enough to be worried about 

> people using him as a figurehead for rebellion, which is mighty close 

> indeed!) he has, vis-a-vis those girls, status like unto a major rock 

> star. 

He is a Vor lord. They are servants in the employ of
the Vor.  The power imbalance is not good.  If he, a Vor lord, is
swiving the servant girls, how much ability to say no without consequences to
their continued livelihood do those servant girls have?

T Neill


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