[LMB] Maybe not the idiot we think

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Aral was NOT 45 when he first married.
Aral was also homosexual and apparently averse to remarrying, until running 
into Cordelia.
Ivan did not have a tragedy in his early adult years, and was not 
homosexual, and did not see his mother slaughtered in front of him.

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> Ivan was way  too full of himsel fot bother NOTICING the gender imbalance 
> on
> Barrayar.  His self-centeredness was so massive, that it never even 
> occurred
> to him to -think- about such things as the gender ratio and mathematical
> probability of there being a reasonable-sized pool of eligible brides for
> him in the future....  It;s not as if he'd never known the Koudelkas and
> that the Koudelka family was unusually in having all daughters, when the
> rest of the planet, boys were outnumbering girls massively....

Around Ivan there usually wasn't a gender imbalance, he had no trouble
attracting plenty of women.

Most of his social engagements were at the Residence, where Alys assembled
every available Vor bud to parade past Gregor, so he didn't see much of an

Gregor waited till he was 35, Aral was 45. Both of them had the 
to marry, breed and pass on the title, each one was the last of his line. 
had a whole empire dangling on a thread praying that he didn't die without 
heir and toss them all into civil war again. Ivan has no hereditary title to 
on, nobody depends on him breeding - the only push was so that Alys could
have grandchildren (and to be fair, in that culture there's a big thing 
not dying childless.)

If Ivan had picked one of those dazzled teenager Vor buds to be his wife,
feeling nothing much for her and just marrying to breed, surely that would
be worse than waiting to find the right person. He'd be condemning some
young girl to massive frustration and disappointment as she realised he
didn't feel much for her. And possibly forcing her into a loveless life, as 

The talk of Ivan needing to grab a wife out of the available, shrinking pool
of possibles sounds very cold-blooded. He refused to play the breeding
game, he held out for better than that. He wanted someone to love and
respect, not marriage as a business deal. 

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