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Summer vacation is at least 8 weeks in the USA --some of June, all of July, 
and most of August (as opposed to countries in Europe where the entire 
countries seem to take the summer off.. .the Swiss said, "Your European 
office should be in Switzerland because we have a work ethic, we're in the 
office during the summer!)

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On 11/02/2012, at 2:39 AM, Rachel wrote:
> So, is it not common in Australia for kids to have summer jobs?

So far from being uncommon it's almost unheard of to have a job 'just
for the summer'.  Nobody is going to employ you for just 6 weeks -
unless you live in an area that is a real 'holiday place' that fills
up only during the school holidays. They expect you to work year round
- although I believe they're pretty good about exam time for year 10s
(end of high school) and 12s (end of college, the HSC which is your
ticket to university).

If you want a part-time job for after school and weekends you are
allowed to once you are 14 (darn those pesky child labour laws!) so
that would be year 9 or 10. Kids get work in places like Donut King or
McDonalds/Hungry Jacks then, as they get older, Woolworths or Coles
(our two major supermarket chains).

> My summer
> camp had two three-week sessions and one two-week session, and kids  could
> attend one or multiple sessions. Once you were working there, the 
> director
> wanted you up for a few weeks before the kids showed up, in order to  open
> the camp, prepare, and run a few overnight sessions for schools.  Working
> there took up my entire summer.

What summer camps there are here tend to be connected to the Scouts or
YMCA. They usually last for one week - very occasionally two - and are
quite expensive for kids to attend, about $500 for each week. Usually
only extremely rich people send their kid/s to camp. The rest of us
just do our best to entertain the kids while still working full-time.
At least it's only 6 weeks.

> More than having a summer off, many of the schools in my city were
> semestered so it was possible that a student could take Math 10 in  the 
> fall
> term of one year and then Math 11 in the winter winter term of the  next
> year, leaving OVER A YEAR between math courses. THAT always
> seemed disastrous to me.

Not sure what that is and, consulting my brother who is a hs teacher
in SA, he isn't either. The national curriculum which is in place in
Australia requires that a certain amount of ground is covered that
applies to each year of school.

Jacki in Canberra - where they set the National Curriculum

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