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> This whole string has reawakened my curiosity from my first reading of WA.
> If only Counts have armsmen, and are limited to 20 each (thus having only
> 1200 in the whole world), how is Miles able to swear in his own?  Even if he
> only has a few, it must exceed the 20 active that Aral surely has.
> Can someone help with this dichotomy?
> Margot
As I remember it (I don't have the volume to hand), Miles does not take Baz as anarmsman, but rather as a bondsman. I.e. Baz gets Miles protection without riskinghis life to protect Miles. This also means that Baz does not count towards Aral's twenty limit. Later when Miles gets the whole Dendarii Mercenaries he now hasmore than twenty armed men and is in violation of Vorloupolous's Law. G'luck, Frank 		 	   		  

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