[LMB] Barrayaran Music

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 15 16:36:44 GMT 2012

Jacki Knight wrote
> I was amused watching the DVD of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (Live
> at Wembley Stadium) as all the musicians had computer-screen music
> stands. No balancing required they were tablet looking screens
> attached to music stands without the frames. The music just scrolled
> up the screen. Jeff had a bigger version on his conductor's stand, I
> think it covered two 'pages' and scrolled sideways.
Ack.  As a musician, I have to say I would absolutely _hate_ that!  I'm in a
chorus, and if I've learned my part properly I'll spend a lot of time
looking at the conductor, glancing down at the music frequently in the
trickier bits - but my attention would and should be divided between the
score and watching the conductor.  If the darn music kept scrolling and
moving, I reckon I'd lose my place all the time and end up totally at sea.
Maybe it would be easier for orchestral musicians, who tend to only have the
part for their instrument in their scores, whereas in the choir we have all
the other choral parts plus often a piano reduction to keep an eye on, so we
can follow while our part is silent.  You often only have a few bars of
music on a page and you're generally turning pages frequently.

Also, you get used to favourite scores and all the notations you've made
over the years.  I've used my score for Messiah for about 17 years now.
It's beginning to look like a goat's chewed it, but I'm so comfortable and
familiar with it and all the reminders and notations in it that I intend to
keep it patched up and functioning until my voice gets too creaky to


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