[LMB] OT: seatbelts

Eric Oppen technomad at intergate.com
Fri Feb 17 18:25:32 GMT 2012

Quoting phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu:

> On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 07:48:47PM -0600, Eric Oppen wrote:
>> To drag this onto topic, Miles would have some pretty pungent things
>> to say about people who resort to that sort of shenanigans.
> Probably "well done!" if it was something he valued enough.
Considering how much the Vor value their honor and their oaths, I have  
to doubt this.

Hell, even on _Jackson's Whole_ the "Deal" is just this side of sacred.

  --Eric, who has been lied to a _good deal too much,_ and whose idea  
of how to deal with the next person he catches lying to him involves  
that person's last thought in this world being "So this is what a home  
run feels like!"

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