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On Feb 18, 2012, at 6:29 PM, Eric Oppen wrote:

> Quoting Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com>:
>> Don't forget German/3 day measles. Caught at the wrong time, it WILL  cause blindness and/or deafness in the baby, along with whatever  I've forgotten from basic biology. It is a separate illness from  measles.
> Happened to the first woman I dated...thanks to German measles, she's pretty deaf, and I think it may have also affected her sight. She has other problems (schizophrenia, among other things) that may or may not have been brought on by the German measles.

I know someone who caught German measles when pregnant while in a third world country.  She was not aware that she had gotten it. It took about ten years to untangle what exactly was going on with her daughter. The girl is highly gifted, but has central (brain-based) visual and auditory impairments, is face-blind, can see objects only if they are not moving, can see or hear but not both at the same time, has injuries from not feeling pain, and has had hallucinations most of her life. She is currently diagnosed with schizophrenia, which is a common rubella sequela.

I had a friend in school who had to be on seizure-control meds because of a chicken pox lesion in her brain. I used to teach at a private school for mentally retarded kids. I had a student who was severely mentally retarded due to measles encephalitis, and another who was profoundly retarded as a result of a bad reaction to dpt immunization combined with medical neglect afterwards. The doctor kept telling the parents that the extreme symptoms their baby had (like seizures!!) were a normal post-vacination reaction.

There are no guarantees, just various odds.

My kids have had almost every immunization.

Janet in TN

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