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Am 26.02.2012 21:28, schrieb beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com:
> I'm looking at the Nexus and imagining it a lot more like the early modern
> era, 1500s or 1600s.  A lot of squabbling nations that aren't above
> attacking their enemies cargo.  And they aren't above turning a blind eye
> to pirates, as long as those pirates only attack their enemies.  And even
> if they want to go after pirates, those pirates may well be equipped as
> good as any ship in the navy, making them tough to take on.  Also, bad
> communications, long travel distances/times such that things may change
> drastically between the time you ship your goods and the time they arrive
> which both makes things chancier and means that you need people going
> along with your cargo to negotiate for you.  And they didn't do much
> ''just put to sea and avoid other jurisdictions," most ships followed
> coastlines and put in to port regularly both as navigation aids and for
> resupplying the ship, which meant having to deal with a lot of different
> customs/tarriffs.  In the Nexus, this is the equivalent of all those space
> stations at each wormhole you pass through.  Between these and various
> factors, shipping things was expensive, so most places made/grew as much
> of their own stuff as they could and only imported luxury items.  The
> volume of trade per capita was much lower, because the cost was higher.

all a good point ..

otoh there would be ample historical precendents for all these nations 
not to for the "a new customs post every 10 miles" route - because in 
the long view this will loose them money

example - one of the precedents:


> If you're right, I bet they do have superjumpers and we've just never seen
> them because they were never important to the plot.  (Miles for some
> reason stows away on one?  Someone smuggles herself away on one?)
> If I'm right, they may have them in settled, stable, homogenous areas
> (Cetagandan Empire, anyone?

they would be an obvious possibility .. large enough, homogenous and 
well policed ....

> The area around Earth which is a bit of a
> backwater except for their cultural supremacy?).  But in the rest of the
> galaxy, there simply isn't enough bulk trade to compensate for all the
> drawbacks (easier to pirate, nobody there to protect your interests and
> negotiate with local governments as necessary, etc).
> Beatrice Otter
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