[LMB] OT: Alternate fuels - was lots of driving

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Tue Feb 28 01:01:01 GMT 2012

Megaera wrote:
I share your concern about food/fuel alternatives taking too much out of the
soil, but it's not just the nutrients the soil needs.  Plants need the
texture organic matter gives to the soil every bit as much as they need the
nutrients.  Ever tried to garden in pure clay?  Or pure sand?  Or any other
soil without organic matter in it?  The first thing all the experts/books
will tell you is to add organic matter to improve the tilth.


THANKS.  That's something I had not contemplated.

After plant material is used to make alcohol, the unused plant material can
be used for other purposes.

When making ethanol from corn, I've read that the co-product dry feed still
contains a large amount (I've seen around 50% quoted) of the cattle feed
food value as the original corn.
It's only at the manure stage that this material could get back to the soil
- and that usually only happens in the vicinity of cattle feeding

The leftover product from switchgrass or sugar cane that's been used to make
ethanol cannot be used for cattle feed.  What is its nature and would it be
adequate to maintain the soil consistency if used as fertilizer?


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