[LMB] OT: Heyer?

Philip Cass frymaster at 127001.org
Thu Jul 5 00:32:04 BST 2012

Very little of her romance (little-r) books have sequels (Devil's Cub
follows These Old Shades, I know) and even then it's more "some major
characters are minor characters in the new book" rather than direct sequels.
Some personal favourites are Frederica, The Grand Sophy, The Talisman Ring,
Venetia, and The Toll-Gate.  All but the last feature fantastic female
characters; the love-interest in the last has less of a role (but it's also
written pretty much from the male character's perspective, so I mind it
less).  The first three are also, in general, the ones most likely to have
me giggling.

> Does anyone have any recommendations?  I'd prefer not to wander into
> the
> middle of a series (or worse, the end).  Well, I came to the Miles
> books
> all helter-skelter and enjoyed them just fine but they're not written
> to
> depend on each other and I just don't know if Georgette Heyer's books
> are
> the same.  Help?  Please? :)

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