[LMB] Dreamweaver Nexus notes

MARGOTINEZ themadcanner at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 02:16:23 BST 2012

> That part looks scary to me.  Or at least strange.  One set of laws for
men, another for >women?  I see that the system will work if only one gender
is rendered infertile, and to do >both genders is to double the resources
needed - and presumably to designate women the >infertile group is cheaper
or easier than making it the men.  Which would be just as skewed. >But it
makes me uneasy, conceptually.  We all have our sticking points...
Katherine Collett says:
But as Ed quoted, Cordelia says in the couch scene, "Betans make the choice
to do it directly, technologically, by
mandating a biochemical padlock on everyone's gonads."  "Everyone's", not
just the women's.  Even if you don't accept that as firm textev of implants
for men, I think we at least do not have proof that Beta Colony is only
controlling the women's fertility.

Margot says:
I agree with everyone, not just the women, especially by the choice of the
word *gonads*, which I usually think of more in a masculine sense than a
feminine one.

Does this mean that Miles as a teenager would also have this biochemical
padlock, at least while resident there?


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