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Some snips
> Heh.  There is a very entertaining family story about two great-aunts who
> came from the Old Country (Norway) to visit the family in the US in the
> 1960s.  Norway, you see, has a very temperate climate for Scandinavia (all
> that coastline).  In the area the family is from, winters generally hover
> around low 30s-high 20s Fahrenheit, while summers are in the 70s and 80s. 
> One of their brothers who came to the US, Lars, had been telling them for
> fifty years that North Dakota (where the brothers settled) was God's
> Country.  They got out there that summer to find it ungodly hot (90-100),
> and brown.  No A/C, it being the 60s.  They visited the family there, and
> then Lars drove them out to Oregon to visit my great-grandfather and his
> family.  In Yellowstone they camped overnight, or tried to; that night, it
> started snowing at three in the morning so they sat in the car from then
> until it was light enough to pack up and drive.  They got to Oregon, and
> it was the driest, hottest deadest place they'd seen yet.  (They took back
> highways across the state, instead of taking the major roads that swing up
> into Washington before coming down to Oregon.  Probably what is not 20 or
> 26, one of the two.)

A friend of mine spent a few years in Canada when her children were young.
She started by doing something perfectly normal - she did the laundry, then
pegged it out on a clothesline in the back yard to dry. She wondered why she
was getting odd looks from the neighbours.

She figured it out when she found that her washing was frozen solid, hanging
on the line.


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