[LMB] Betan Children

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Mon Jul 9 19:06:15 BST 2012

[LMB] Betan Children
Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 12:23:20 BST 2012

 > Gwynne writes of Arde:
 > I don't think he ever needed therapy, he was just miserable, desperate
 > and then drunk, trapped in a situation that seemed hopeless to him.


I guess I'm not to worried about the line of 'who gets therapy' because it
just doesn't seem that terrifying to me. You go sit in a room and talk to
someone about your problems. If I were in Miles' shoes, I'd rather do that
than go to jail or pay a fine (or...I guess Miles would prefer the fine
because he's rich and busy). The only thing that would make it worse were
if Betan therapy actually involved non-consensual drugging, but that makes
it a different ballgame.

  I was always under the impression that Betans threatened with "You're
going to go to therapy" not because therapy was particularly threatening,
but because that was their cultural way of dealing with things--like
threatening, "You're going to go to jail!" or "I'm going to sue!"

LMB:  Your view of therapy is a bit early-21st century.  The Betans, a 
millennium on, may be presumed to have elegant and detailed brain scans 
down to the neuron, and a command of brain chemistry down to the dance 
of individual molecules.  It's not just sitting in a room talking; 
there's a huge arsenal of proven-effective physical/chemical techniques 
to deploy, depending.  (Although they clearly have 
sitting-in-a-room-talking as well.  With recordings to computer-analyze 

Ta, L.

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