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Wed Jul 11 03:44:32 BST 2012

Quoting Aruvqan <aruvqan at gmail.com>:

>>> Don't forget the dress-up clothing, too!  I can just see people
>>> showing up to Winterfair balls in Cetagandan 9th satrapy uniforms...
>> Heh.  Byerley would do it.
>> namaste,
>> Elizabeth
> I bet he would look fantastic in one =)
> I can remember seeing pictures of a ball held my Nicholas and Alexandra
> where the costumes were reworked imperial clothing from a few hundred
> years previously.
> http://www.nicholasandalexandra.com/photo1903na.html
> http://www.nicholasandalexandra.com/dressalix1903.html
> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/12/1903_ball_-_Xenia_Alex._01.jpg
> http://media.vam.ac.uk/vamembed/media/uploads/rx_images/image/52001-53000/52898-large.jpg

One book about Nicholas and Alexandra that I read said that they were  
both so in love with pre-Peter-the-Great Russia (Slavophils, not  
Westernizers, in other words) they toyed with the idea of making  
official court garb the same as it was in Alexei the Mild's day, but  
decided against it when they found out what it would cost in  
contemporary money.

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