[LMB] Richars and Pierre's fiance

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On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 11:45 PM, Ed Burkhead <ed at edburkhead.com> wrote:
> T Neill wrote:
>> I think it's either textev or Loisev that Richars was interrogated
>> under fast penta during the investigation of that accident and
>> cleared.  So no, it was an accident.

Both textev and Loisev.  In ACC, when Richars is recruiting Miles so
very effectively, he mentions that he was cleared with fast penta
(apparently he's one of the people who drools on himself under that

Some time back there was a discussion about whether he'd have been
able to outsmart a fast penta interrogation; I pointed out that yes,
it is possible to beat such an interrogation if one is able to collude
with the interrogator (work out ahead of time what questions not to
ask).  At that point, Loisev was provided to the effect that "Richars
isn't that smart."
> True that Richars was interrogated under fast penta and "cleared."
> Yet the characters words in the story indicated their belief that Richars
> had just been very clever in ordering the murder without himself having any
> knowledge of it -- in other words, the perfect murder.

It's still possible that people who work for him did this on their own
initiative, but this wanders into the question of "how good a job was
done in this interrogation?" and if we assume it was done correctly,
then Richars would probably have mentioned such a situation.

Accidents do happen.

Karen Hunt

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