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On 7/19/2012 4:45 PM, Jeff Shultz wrote:
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>> They also seriously like the Cetagandans.
>> Hope that helps.
> Culture... it's not just something you find in a yogurt cup. :-)
Well, I like many Cetas, seen through the eyes of perhaps a 
Betan/galactic. *I* didn't have ancestors that had to live through 20 
years of occupation, after all.

I know we haven't seen what their prole class is like other than they 
seem to have a bit of an underworld that has generated at least 1 
enforcer type guy. I would guess that they have a busy underclass that 
do the farming, manufacturing and other support activities. I would 
guess that they serve as servants to the Ghem class [Lord Genaro is 
described as not having any servants or perhaps minimal servants taking 
care of the House he inherited from his Grandfather.] The idea that 
there are little prole grannies making elaborately needleworked bits of 
clothing and decorative wares like trapunto wall tapestries appeals to 
me a lot. And a Ceta prole version of Ma Kosti somewhere in a Ghem house.

The idle Ghem are a familiar sight around here, on the beaches we have 
Trustafarians getting ready to go back to the local Ivy League schools 
of Yale and Harvard, they are having their annual boat race in the 
Thames River soon. Any time we head down to New Haven for medical 
appointments, the coffee houses are packed with trustafarians to the 
point that you couldn't swing a martian flatcat without messing up the 
hair of one. And being military dependent, I see the Ghem reflected 
around me any time I head down to base for anything. Actually a melange 
of prole and Ghem military buzzing around like a hive of busy little bees.

And my Da, his diety rest him - he was involved in the political scene 
[well, lurking in the background at the organizational level, he didn't 
actually want to be one of the public faces of the party] so I was 
exposed to a heck of a lot of the ruling elite of this country in my 
teens and 20s. To the point now that I am somewhat active politically 
here in CT. I know at one point we sat and discussed whether or not I 
wanted to actually go into politics - though it would have meant me 
moving back to Rochester NY. I politely declined, though in retrospect 
just like West Point, it was an opportunity that I perhaps should have 

And I have to really appreciate how the Haut women are the power in 
between. They control the Haut genome, without being monsters. They seem 
to divorce sex and 'marriage' from breeding thanks to the replicators. I 
would imagine that pre-replicator it meant arranged marriages during the 
years of fertility - perhaps limited term [cohabiting until the 
pregnancy of the arranged sprog, then separate and cohabiting with the 
next genetic cross relationship. It must have been a relief to hit 
menopause and be able to cohabit with whomever you liked.]

A very elegant social structure even though it is deduced from glimpses 
worked in with the regular story line.

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