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At Readercon someone on a panel said Dean R. Koontz bought back the rights 
from publishers for all his old SF novels to keep them from being reprinted 
and to make sure they stay out of print, because they're not what he's 
become the highly successful writer he became when he changed to writing 
suspense from SF....   That is, there are works -today- which have ceased 
being available, because the authors decided to block any further 
distribution of them, by buying back publications rights which the author 
had previously licensed out...

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> Walter Bushell wrote:
> Surely we could extend the term until the youngest child reaches say 22 or 
> 5
> years from the death (to allow time for retaining) if the author has a
> spouse?
> And what of collaborators such as Lee and Miller?  They also write
> separately, even within their shared "universe".  To lose rights before 
> are gone simply isn't fair.

I don't think that rights should depend on whether a person has children or
not. Or whether they have a spouse or not.

And you're right, collaborations would make things even more difficult.

Another problem - some people might simply not want to think about
their work being destroyed, especially if it's something that's very 
to them, and prefer not to publish at all. So society loses something of
real value, originality and creativity.

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