[LMB] OT: Fantasy Fiction recommendations

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Wed Jul 25 05:01:48 BST 2012

Ana: Fantasy?


Holly Black:  YA fairies, start with Tithe.  Curse Workers, start with 
White Cat.  Welcome to Bordertown, short stories set in a (gritty) 
magical city, this is a revisit of a shared universe from the 'eighties; 
you may remember it, I think it was created by Terri Windling.  This has 
what I think is the best depiction of fairypunk in or out of print.

Emma Bull: War For the Oaks.

Another YA series:

Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, start with Clockwork Angel. 
Angelic people who act as policemen of the demonic.  Steampunkish and 
creepy.  Is preceded by another series in a similar universe, Mortal 
Instruments,  Start with City of Bones.  I have not read the latter, but 
it's popular.


If you like techno-horror, the Laundry series by Charles Stross.  Math 
and computers create magic.  These guys, a super secret part of the 
British Government bureaucracy, with whom Bob Howard works, clean up 
demonic entities from other dimensions, and suppress math progress in 
order to keep the world safe.  Funny dry humor and lots of computer 

Diana Wynne Jones, very sly books for children and adults.  The Tough 
Guide to Fantasy is required reading, as is Dark Lord of Derkholm.  You 
may know her from Howl's Moving Castle, the Miyazaki film.  It was based 
on her book.

Manga?  Death Note.  Nana.  (Nana is not fantasy at all, but I like it.)

Anime?  Mushi Shi, Ghost in the Shell (futuristic dystopia), Black Butler.

Comics:  Girl Genius. Steampunk web comic, there are great trade 
paperbacks of the whole thing.  Phil and Kaya Folio do this, and it's 
awesome.  Buffy, season eight in trades, season nine in issues or 
trades.  The Sandman, Neil Giaman, in trades. Seminal.

Games:  Munchkin Deluxe, by Steve Jackson.  Be the first to reach level 
10.  Kick down the doors, fight the monster, grab the treasure, stab 
your buddies in the back.  Fun, simple, hilarious, quick games (not 
protracted 16-hour marathons).  Gloom, card game and role-playing. 
Fairly fast, but you won't want to quit, the story-telling is the point 
of it.

A few more suggestions.


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