[LMB] Life Imitating Art (was: Re: Clandestine Classics OT:)

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Wed Jul 25 05:38:00 BST 2012

Nicholas D. Rosen scripsit:

> > Wickham and Lydia? Ick, ick, ick. 

Ick it may be, but appropriate it is.  I can see Wickham indulging himself
in pleasures of this type (or "conjugal rights", as he would style them)
whether Lydia enjoyed them or not.  No safewords for the likes of him.

> I'm behind on the digests, as I've mentioned.  This reminds me of
> an sf story by Poul Anderson , where the hero checks into a hotel, 
> and finds that there are books in his room for guests who want to 
> read, but says something like, "But these impurgated editions 
> disgust me.  No one should have the right to insert sex scenes into 
> _Romeo and Juliet_, or provide Captain Ahab with a mistress."

Franco Zeffirelli did the former with great success, I think.  "Hussey
[who played Juliet; what a name!] wasn't legally allowed to attend
the London premiere of the film, because she was under 18 at the time
and the film contained a nude scene, even though she was the one who
appeared nude."

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