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There is a charge of $0.45 for a letter of not to exceed dimensions and 
mass.  Exceed them and the price rises.  And the USPS is running at a 
deficit, actually...

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Jeff Shultz scripsit:

> Free - a term commonly used to mean "paid for by someone else than me."

Sometimes, but not always.  "Free shipping", for example, means that
the shipping costs are incorporated into the base price.


Yet another of those simple, obvious, and wrong ideas Heinlein's
characters tend to be so fond of (though not all of them; consider
Henry Gladstone Kiku).  There are indeed free lunches of many sorts,
often having to do with economies of scale.  The U.S. Postal Service
still provides universal first-class mail from anywhere to anywhere in
the U.S. for a mere US$0.45 with no government subsidy.

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