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Now, how to keep them from sharpening claws in the upholstery!  Which wasn't a problem before Trilla arrived, but she seems to have taught the other two her bad habits.  None of my current tactics have been successful...I may have to try the stick-on rubber claw covers yet.  If I could ever get them attached to the cat, that is.


I was having this problem with a new lounge suite, it was much more attractive than the actual scratchy provided.  I took a tip from the Cat Whisperer guy (seen on Sky) and got one of the cardboard scratchy thingys and attached that to the front of the sofa and it worked a treat - cat gets to scratch on a big solid object and yet its protected

(its not just about the scratching but them stretching their back and belly muscles after a big sleep hence the need to hang off a big heavy object)

I popped into my carpet place and they had some samples that were EOL and were giving away and I grabbed some of those and draping them over the favourite scratching arm and again working a treat..  Not very Martha Stewart but I dont care, Im happy my furniture isnt being ruined and the cat is happy and we are not at war with each other LOL

Like this



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