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On 15 Nov 2012, at 06:24, Howard Brazee wrote:
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In the houses we owned, serially, books and art competed for wall space. Here in this cramped house (fine for 2, cramped for four), no room for bookshelves AT ALL! It was bad enough in the Campbell house, where 80% of my books were never unpacked. I'm putting my foot down when we can shop houses again--I want space for both, without full sun exposure (south and west). The first house we rented when we moved to the Bay Area had level changes everywhere, full on SW exposure prohibiting any art from being hung, and at the bottom of the wall we might have hung art, there were electric heaters…the books lived downstairs in a hall which received no outside light.

I agree, some of those rooms/houses wanted to show off how many books/journals they had. *My* idea of a multi-use room is a rectangular room, where the windowed doors, opening onto the terrace, face the north. There's a clerestory all around, where cool air can enter, and hot air leave…because this is also a ballroom, in addition to being a library with 3D & 2D art are found on the walls, too. When it's not set up for dancing (social or practice or performance), it's got comfy chairs, chairs at tables, small tables by the comfy chairs for one's other flat-surface needs, nice carpets, and lamps. Plenty of outlets, too.

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