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I HATE that format.  It’s called “prestige paperback.”  Michelle Sagara who still works at Bakka Books, has said that customer uniformly all hate it.

I read somewhere than some men like it, I imagine because they have large hands.  The damned things –torque- over in my hands, because I have SMALL hands and holding the things is unpleasant and unbalanced.  The type is NOT larger, the space between the lines is larger!  The publishers price the stinking things two or three dollars more than mass market paperbacks.  

I hate the things.

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> >>> But trade paperbacks are usually printed on MUCH better paper.  You
> >>> read a mass market paperback once and it falls apart; you keep it
> >>> for a year and it crumbles.
> >>>
> >>> Harvey
> I've not found enough difference in the paper quality to make up for
> doubling the price.  And I've had tbs fall apart just as quickly as
> mmpbs.
> I've got mmpbs I've read over and over during a period of say, ten
> years, that have held up just fine, and tbs fall apart under the same
> conditions.
> And, like T Neill, I find mmpbs *much* easier to shelve and less
> wasteful of space.
> Megaera
> who will buy e rather than tp every time now, which rather defeats the
> publisher's purpose, I think

Some TPBs have crappy paper just like some other books.

Then there is the new "stupid size" as my bookseller friend calls it.  All
the text of a MMPB in waste of paper that's 1/2" taller that won't fit in
existing shelves for $2 more.  To top it off Ingram doesn't always label
stupid size on their website for bookstores ordering stuff.


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